Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Method 12: Reflection and Evaluation

Whew! Here we are!
My favorite exercises were Photos and Images, RSS, and Wiki. All of the exercises would be useful for the library at some point in our development, but these appealed as being presently helpful both for the staff and personally.
As far as my learning goals, I feel that I have rushed through some of the methods and would like to go back, take time to explore, experiment and feel more confident than I do now.
Most of the exercises were well presented, some amplifications of the 23Things, some new.
If a program were offered in the future it would probably be a requirement, not an option, but personally I feel on overload and would just like to ruminate and work through what has been presented already.
Thank you for your work in presenting the Methods.

Method 11:The Wide World of Podcasting

This is my first experience with podcasting. I went to a number of sites, BBC, CNN as well as some library options. Our library is interested in any form of communication that would benefit our patrons and staff, therefore at some point in the future we may set up podcasts. I imagine the limiting factor would be the required staff time.
Personally, I find that searching for the sites, even if set up on my favorite collection requires a fair amount of time and the podcasts are generally short so that I probably would not use those often. With the longer podcasts it would be worth taking the time to download them and listen in the car.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Method 10:This Wiki World

This was good, it pushed me beyond just the search and investigate of Wiki on 23 Things.
On the SJCPL Subject Guides the information was well presented, had multiple subject headings which were clear, but not overwhelming. Checked out the mystery section and liked some of the subheadings. On Library Success there were more interesting areas than I could explore on the spot...interesting Work Like a Patron Day would be a great exercise for our group.
It was interesting after setting up an account (using a pseudonym) to find that some of our library people had just contributed to the favorite blog site, so I added a bit as well.
I'm fascinated with all the interest and contributions to the various blogs that librarians find time to make, much appreciated!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Method 9: Chat and Instant Messaging

I've had AIM for some time and find it useful, but not many of my contacts are keen on long or frequent conversations. It isn't difficult to use, just coordinating the times.
For libraries the more contacts the better if one has the time to sort out the useful from the verbose and inappropriate.
I plan to try Skype for some of my international contacts and I have heard that it works well.
I tried tslacdl twice and didn't get any answer. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. Will try it at another time.
At present our library does not have chat/IM, but it is in the plans for the future.

Method 8: Social Networking

I appreciated all the articles and information which presented Social Networking pro and con.
When doing the 23 Things I set up accounts with a pseudonym as I am not comfortable giving out personal information.
Working from an objective site like the library I am more than willing to contribute information and share, but not with my personal details. There have been so many warnings lately on TV, in articles and on the net of the phenomenal success of hackers that I would prefer not to take the risk. Identity theft has invaded the life of a couple of people close to me; so I have taken the warning.
I look forward to the spreading use of Social Networking for our own library which is beginning to enjoy contact with other libraries, both locally in Texas and the great systems like LOC .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Method 7:Tagging, folksonomies & social bookmarking in Del.icio.us

The new information and videos on Two Step are a great addition to what was presented in 23 Things. I set up a Delicious account previously and have referred to it on occasion. I think it is necessary to add more bookmarks in additional fields for it to be a daily hit.
As most of our staff is exploring Delicious it will be useful as our information sites expand. Also I like being able to see the popularity of some of my favorite sites.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Method #6:You too can Youtube

Teachertube is a good resource for some of our patrons who are teachers or teachers in training. The videos were interesting, but some had technical problems in that they stopped frequently and then restarted. Youtube worked well and offered some great ideas. One was a library tour in Britain, another a progression from Manchester to Oxford which was well presented and coordinated the music with the labeled photos.
I can see the value of using videos in our publications, since I am always arrested in surfing the net by movement rather than a static photo. One problem was that I was unable to embed a video in the blog. I did not find the icon. Another member of our library had the same difficulty. We will try to work out what happened and try again.